After six dates girl says she's too busy to see me regularly. Is this a nice way to let someone down or could she really mean it?

I met the girl I'm dating about two months ago and we've been dating about 5 weeks. We've been out six times and by all accounts we both had fun. Last night she called to say that she's enjoyed seeing me etc but she's too busy to be dating on a "schedule." She's recently divorced and I'm the first guy she's dated since that time. She also has a day job and a night job which is increasing taking more of her time. I asked her if I had done anything to make her uncomfortable and she said no I've been a perfect gentleman.

I'm inclined to believe that she's very busy but I wonder if there's more to the story. Maybe she's worried about commitment or perhaps she's concerned about getting hurt. She also mentioned she would still like to see me occasionally and that her schedule might clear up in May. How should I approach this? Should I give her space and play it cool?
We last spoke two days ago. How long should I wait to touch base with her again?
She emailed to say she was thinking about me as she was having my favorite dessert. Have no idea what to make of that?


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  • Maybe she's still not over her ex husband completely but still likes you.

    I'd give her some space but just let her know you're there and you care. Be willing to work around her schedule. If she still doesn't want to then something may be up.

    • Thanks I definitely agree with giving some space. I'll try to touch base in a few days to see how she's doing.

    • Good luck & any time:)

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  • it's painful to say, but maybe you were her rebound relationship. i don't know anyone who is that busy that he or she can't make time to see a person they are in love with. it seems to me like a nice way to end a relationship

    • Hope your wrong but I suppose that's a possibility.

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