Why is my ex bf nervous around me, we remained friends?

He broke up with me. We were each others first bf and gf and we dated for a while and were very in love. He was too busy for a relationship but now he gets nervous around me and sort of gets stiff when I walk up to him. We did decide to stay friends.


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  • explain more what u mean by nervous. too little info.. how long did you dated and how long ago broke up

    • We dated for a couple of months. We broke up three weeks ago. Nevous means stiff and not looking at me in the eye.

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    • haha, to tell you the truth im actually curious myself, why is he acting this way.. are you sure he is glancing at you and not generally looking at your direction.
      maybe you can ask him a question like.. if so and so marries me, would you feel jealous? would you let me marry to a useless guy sort of question.
      it might spark the inner chivalry in him.

      if he does feel jealous, yes, there is a romantic attraction. it is just what he does about that attraction.

    • Um that is terrible advice, I would never try to make him jealous, I care too much about him. I like your other advice though.

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  • I think an ex being nervous could be many things. It may simply be he thinks you may be judging him on how he's living his life without you or like others have said he may still have feelings for you. When he broke up with you he may have been totally sure what he felt and now he may just be questioning himself and whether it was the right thing to do..

    • So what should I do?

    • Ask him? I would just say, is their a reason why you seem nervous around me? That's if you still like him.. You only get one life so if you think he may have made the wrong decision and now wants you again ask him.. The worst that's going to happen is he says ''no I don't' or 'oh I don't know'. At least you will have a clearer understanding of the situation. Just ask it very casually..

    • I did and he said it was because he was tired.

  • You may well know some of his secrets and embarrassing information. That can make people feel on edge. Though holding emotions for you may also affect it, be it guilt or attraction.

    • I do but he knows I would never reveal them. So should I presume that it is because of attraction or not?

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    • Without knowing his usual behaviour or him it's hard to make a judgement but it just sounds like he is on edge and uncomfortable. It really could go two ways if there isn't any other signs. He could just be uncomfortable around you but trying to stay polite or he could feel awkward as still holds feelings.

    • He is a polite person. :( Thanks.

  • Too busy is a ridiculous reason compared with actual incompatibility. He's probably nervous because he still has feelings. What a noob guy.

    • Do you really think, as a guy, that he still has feelings?

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    • Nice :) Best of luck!

    • Thank you :)

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