Should I become friends with my Ex?

I haven't talked to her or seen her in two years and lost contact with her. best years of my life. now she found my number somehow and wants to be friends but she's getting married. so should I be friends with her? long story short we dated it ended bad. our friendship ended bad. wants a new start. I just have a lot of bad memories with her even though it's in the past it's just hard to let it go because you cared about them a lot even though they treated you like shit. Now she has a " Fiancé" and getting married soon. And I'm still fucking single.
I just don t want her pussy ass "Fiancé" to get jealous and think we're going back together. Even though she's getting married feelings could come back to her somehow. And her bf has my head.


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  • it is very hard to be friends with a exgirlfriend/boyfriend. if you had kids together then that is a different story, but I would move on. seeing that relationship had bad memories I even recommend it more that you move on. best way to get over this is by hanging out with friends who will listen or family members who will listen.


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  • I may be a girl but I'm always skeptical of girls. I've seen too many guys get trapped by their ex's. Obviously in the end you're going to do what you want but I would really be careful about being friends with her again. Obviously it ended for a reason and engaged or not, it seems like maybe it still bothers you at least a little about how it ended so even being casual friends with her may not be a good idea. I would focus more on yourself and finding a relationship if you want one or just casual hookups if that's what you want, not being her friend. Even if she's trying to make an effort I really just wouldn't trust it, girls almost always have some sort of other motive for everything we do, I'd just be careful about letting her in.

  • Wow you're already insulting the fiancé.
    This is not a good idea to be friends, you can't be friends with her, you've still got feelings, and it was wrong of her and weird that she reached out to you at this time.

    • Also far too bitter, what's it matter that she's engaged and you're single? Honestly? You want to be friends with her for the wrong reasons, and really need to stop being bitter. Nothing wrong with being single and free. You're looking at it all wrong.

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  • I would seriously advise against this. If your relationship didn't end well there are too many lingering feelings for both sides. It takes a lot of time to move forward from that, and irrespective of her feelings, you don't appear to have closed that book. Time does heal, and it IS possible for exes to become friends, but only after a respectful and amicable breakup. Lastly, I'm going to be very blunt, but ask yourself this question: Why would you ever make time in your life for someone who "treated you like shit"? You need to feel more secure about yourself and realize people who don't make you happy or make you feel supported/appreciated have no place in your life!

    • I don't know why I should be friends with someone that treated me like shit. I'm just that type of nice guy.

  • Not if you're still bitter about the breakup.

    • Even though it was two years ago?

    • You're still bitter about the breakup. Yeah, I would agree - you should be over it after 2 years, but you're apparently not. Not a good way to rekindle a friendship, in my opinion.

    • I hear ya. Maybe I should just forget about what happened and just talk to her on and off. But not constant.

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