Have you ever gotten back with an ex after they moved on?

Were things better or worse?
How long it last?
Is it even worth the try?
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  • Nope. When my relationships end they're totally over. Not once have I gotten back with a girl, or tried getting back with a girl, or even wanted to get back with a girl.

  • they pretty much blocked me or don't allow me to get her back. They break up with reasons I don't understand or we just don't go the same path so. I never got my girl back

    • Would you have tried to?
      What if she was the one who messed up would you make her work to get you back?

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    • Slowly getting there. Have a feeling if I move on too he'll have a problem with it but he adds A LOT of girls on FB!! Like a lot lol so I don't think he could do the relationship thing very long

    • he's covering himself into girls, that's a sign he's weak. Me myself would never go for Facebook friends that are girls cause it leads into nothing. only thing that brings me girls is her number and whatsapp. just let him go and don't let him back. he is not your food. I can tell you as much as I can and I know you won't forget him

  • the living proof this site is falling apart. Only one answer !
    No i never got back with an ex. I actually don't like playing games. So if she says it's over or i call it a day, then it stays that way.

    • Just a question don't get your briefs in a wad

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    • Read your comment for strangee:
      "What if she was the one who messed up would you make her work to get you back?"
      IF by "work" you mean "admiting she was wrong, asking to have a talk and maybe expressing desire to get back together". Then yes i'd expect her to work, as in NO way i'm going to contact first. You messed up, you be responsible and show me you are willing to clean up the mess. Simple as that. But usually ego gets in the way of most people and if she was the one that messed up, i'm more likely to see her acting like i'm the one to blame. It's crazy !
      Though it depends what kind of "mess". Cheating?

    • Not cheating, really hurtful (yes to a guy) words... But even then I've tried everything and I think I've pushed him to the point of cold heart towards all females I don't know

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