Bad break up. Broken hearted...?

Ok I will try to summarize this to the best of my ability. Me and my ex gf have dated for 6 months. We are both 28yo. For 5 months of the relationship have been really hard with alott of arguing, but for some reason we really loved each other. She is a very hot tempered woman and really looks into things too far. I have heard this also from her friends and family. We broke up about a month ago I tried to get us to meet in the middle with situations but she just wanted to put all the blame on me. So I ended it because there was no resolving anything. I want to add that I treated her like gold, and was always there for her. A few days later she texted me to put my fb profile on private so she couldn't see it, and I told her to please stop contacting me. About week later I sent her an email to try to make amens and part on good terms. I got no response. A few days after that I sent her video of an inspirational speaker. She wrote back and said to pretty much leave her alone. Then a 2am sent another email that since I sent her that email her mind was consumed with all of this. Then a few days later sent me an email asking me to pay for half of amusement park tickets she bought for us that she was paying for. We came to an agreement then got into an argument. I sent her one more email a few days later and at the end said I wasn't going to bother her anymore. Do you think she will realize what she lost? I was really good to her, but her anger is what tore her up. I want to get back with her but not if she is going to continue with these anger issues. And I will not contact to try to work things out, I have to stand my ground. In one of the emails I had mentioned I thought she was talking to someone, but she kept telling me she wasn't that she was taking time to herself. I just don't know if she will realize she had it good and contact me to talk.


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  • I would leave her alone. you don't want to be involved with someone who can't meet you in the middle and you don't want to be involved with someone who has anger issues. those are two red flags. you deserve better then that.


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  • Greetings pal. Regarding the thing about her talking to someone, I'm pretty damn sure that you were right. She was obviously talking to someone, and there's a good chance that she might even have got back into the dating scene. She's obviously not revealing it to you because she knows how much you want her back, so she's just keeping you a backup in case she doesn't have success with others. She probably won't, due to her temper tantrums. A bit of anger makes women cute, but no man would want a woman with an excessively high temper. I understand how much you love her (yeah, I'm sure its love), but just for a few minutes, think practically rather than emotionally. Then you'll know that my words make sense.

    From your description, it seems like this 'anger' is her inherent problem, which is highly unlikely to change. Even her family and friends acknowledge this. I know very well that its really tough to let go of the person you love. But is it really worth putting up with her temper on a daily basis, just for the sake of being in a relationship with her? You were right when you said that you won't get back with her if she continues with her anger issues. Believe me, its highly unlikely that she will change. even if she seems to have changed, there is a very good chance that she may just be pretending that way to get back with you, and go back to her true self once you become too attached to let go of her.

    So what I want to say is, just be VERY careful while dealing with her. I wish that she gets rid of her temper issues and you get back with her, because it seems like you really have a deep emotional attachment with her. But practically, it seems highly unlikely.


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