This is becoming a serious problem...Are we heading for a break-up?

Lately my boyfriend is becoming very selfish in bed. He always only wants me to focus on what he wants and he is not meeting my needs. I've talked to him about it and he always says that next time he will focus on me. Then when that time comes again he only focuses on what he wants. I like making him feel good but all he wants is BJ's and we used to have really great sex but now I question myself whether or not we should even try to have sex anymore. I love him but if we completely cut it our of our relationship it is going to make things way worse. I don't want to break up with him but I feel like it may be inevitable at this point. What should I do? And yes I have thought about cutting him off completely but again that leads to the issue of no sex at all.


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  • Put yourself in a prostitutes positon, she gets something out of the deal or she does not give it up. Old boy needs to be punished.

    This thing called love is a one sided deal in your case. In his mind you are an unpaid woring girl who is doing it wrong.

    Force him to go down on you for a month while at the same time interview for a new guy. Any guy can replace a selfish witt. Next time stay away from the dim witts and get you a nit witt.

    You don't give selfish people too many options, you have spoken once and now you are asking for advice.

    Good luck.


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  • Guys who do this are selfish and take you for granted, especially if they feel you'll always be there. He gets lazy after a while because he thinks your a "sure thing". He may even be talking to others behind your back and losing interest in you altogether. This happens a lot. If he was always not good in bed thats one thing, but to have been a good lover before, and he then becomes selfish is a sign. Be frank and talk to him about it. If you need to cut him off completely. If he still doesn't listen, it may be best to break up with him.

  • If you are not sexually compatible and he is selfish than you need to run as far away from him as possible. Nothing is worse than a miserable sex life.


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