does he miss me or just wanting to check one me to see what iam doing?

okay so me and my ex were together for a year he and he lived with me, he cheated and i broke up with him, but he still claims he didn't because we were going through some stuff when it happened anyways we got into a bad argument where we both cussed each other out and said we hated each other...his friend had passed away and i contacted him and said i was sorry and that i was here if he ever needed anything even though what he did was messed up. but then we got into another huge argument that night and he blocked me from everything instagram, calling his phone and Facebook, which i dont know why i never really tried to contact him he kinda always contacted me but a couple days ago i seen that he unblocked me from him commenting on a mutual friends he is still with the girl he cheated on me with but i would like to know is he starting to miss me? because i was his longest relationship ever so i kinda hold that record and he would always claim now "claim" i was his first real love so any advice I've moved on with my life i go out all the time and have never sulked over him so was he just seeing what I've been doing or is he staring to realize he misses me? HELP
could really use some kind of advice i haven't tried to contact him I've just been playing it off like i didn't notice
does anyone else have an opinion...


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  • well, what other reason would he have to want to know what you're doing besides being interested in knowing? And if he's interested in knowing, then yeah he probably misses you to some extent.

    It's either that or he just is testing the waters to see if you'll lay him.

    • yeah he's the arrogant type so do you think he will end up telling me or will his ego keep him from doing it

    • telling you what? the truth? or that he misses you? well, either way, if he's the arrogant/egotistical type, then he probably won't tell you how he truly feels. especially if he's still w/ another girl. Or hell, his arrogance may push him to try to get you while he's still w/ her. There's basically 2 ways, minimum, to look at everything.

    • yeah sorry i should have been more specific i meant will he end up telling me he misses me but i got it thanks:)

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  • Sorry, if the love was so real, he wouldn't have gone back to that another girl. Believe me , there isn't any future for you with that guy. You both will never be happy. Good relations are not like that.
    There is lack of some important detail. I just don't understand why do you both have heated arguments.

    • he still had his stuff here at one point, the entire time he was moved out he would tell me he loved me and missed me but then i found out he was pursuing that girl while he was moved out and so we got into arguments about that then he lied and said there was nothing going on between them they only hung out once but i found out that wasn't true so the arguments were about him lying

    • Fixed!
      Don't live with him. He is not fir you.
      Look it may be possible that he is pursuing other girl for sex. But whatever, yiu wouldn't be hapoy with him.

  • He isn't trying to get back together with you.


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