Is my ex really in love or he is just trying not to be alone?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up two months ago. We were dating for 3 years. It was supposed that we still loved each other, but things just weren't working that well. Now, he is dating another girl who met a month after a breakup. He told me that he is in love for the first time and that he has never been in love with me, yet he loved me and we spent a lot of good time together. Moreover, he is 29 and she is 19, so I think he might be enjoying that she is quite younger than him = she admires him. I would like to know if it's really possible to know that someone is in love when he's been only dating for one month with someone, and also if it's possible to never have loved me after 3 years of dating. I don't understand anything.


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  • I am in a similar situation, actually.
    Who broke it off with you two? Either way, I don't think he is in love with her. I think he is hurting and looking for someone to be close to. Or, possibly he was ready to simply move on and does like her. However, no one falls in love within a month. They make think they do, but love does not happen and is not realized in that short of time.

  • I think he did love you at one point, it's kinda hard to be with someone for three years but never really loved her. But in the end it doesn't matter, because you guys are not together anymore.

    They may not be really in love with each other. He may just be infatuated with her, enjoying the time with her, but it doesn't mean he is in love with her (yet). Love only comes when you know the person more, and I think it takes time.

    But whether he loves the new girl doesn't matter. The main focus now is you, and let yourself be healed from the heartbreak and move on from that. If it hurts to see him with the new girl on Facebook, delete his Facebook. Whether he loved you, though I believed he did, doesn't matter anymore. If he did, just be thankful for the time and love you two shared. If he never loved you, then be thankful that you are now free to find someone who will love you.

    Good luck :)


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