Trying to decide what my (ex) boyfriend meant when he broke up with me?

So here's a summary of what he said: I'm breaking up with you because I don't want to hurt you.

His exact words were:
"I've been busy, and I hardly talk to you and I don't know, there's this feeling I can't express. Something deep inside me saying "let her go." The feeling that i like you as a younger sister. I've been thinking about it past few days. The night when you pranked me was our 7th month (Midnight of April Fool's; our 7th month was March 30th). It's alright to cry, to be angry, to be frustrated at me, it's ok to hate me. You might not be reading this right now, but when you do I'm really sorry. Like I said, I became irresponsible, so I decided to break up with you, so you won't be hurt. I'm doing this for you. Thank you for dating for 7 months, and I'm sorry for wasting that time. Think of this as the last letter from me. Again, thanks and sorry. Goodbye."

He's been distant past 2-3 weeks, barely talking to me... I don't know what to think. There were no other girls involved, so that's out. Wish he would explain more, but he won't talk to me.


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  • Break-up texts are really the worst kinds of break-ups because it doesn't involve the person explaining why. I think what he meant was that he fell out of love with you. Maybe it just didn't feel right to him, maybe it wasn't 'meant to be'. If there was anything, anything at all, even just a small hint in the texts he sent before the break-up text, it may be easier to figure out what he meant.


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