Worried about my friend (ex coming back)?

They dated two years ago and it didn't work out. She told me she heard that he got lap dances from other girls and kissed other girls and that's why they ended it. Now she's defending him and saying it was just rumors never happened. Let's back up a bit to last November. They talked a bit but it ended because he stopped replying. Two months ago they started talking AGAIN and he's claiming it was just family matters and he had a tough time. And that he has changed. He showed up at her house at night and he kissed her. After that he's been claiming he's changed, he still loves her, texting her cutsie messages, and that he will never let her go. I sense BS and that he's saying what she wants to hear. He dated after her and a lot of people are saying he is just desperate. I need a second opinion here just to make sense of it i know it's none of my business but I'm curious.
I myself am heart broken long term boyfriend wokeup and decided he didn't feel anything towards me. If he did come running back to me like he did to her I would gladly take it. Because of that I'm feeling a bit biased in this situation.


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