When you're in a relationship with someone you never thought you could have or someone you love dearly, why do u cheat?

I only ask this because I see guys cheat on their girlfriends all the time. (Woman cheat too so please no one get mad) My whole thing is, guys say tht they want to marry their girls, do every thing in their power to make them happy but still they flirt and cheat with other people. Why? I don't understand. Then they plead when the girl wants to break up. Someone explain to me what the problem is...


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  • I think they like the girl because she is out of their reach - not because they genuinely appreciate who she is and what she has to offer - so when they get the girl the excitement is gone and they begin to look elsewhere. Other times they are stimulated physically and psychologically by the girl but do not care about her or love her.


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  • it could be for a variety of reasons…self-esteem issues, relationship issues, rationalization issues…whatever the reason, it's on the part of the cheater, not the significant other.


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