Would it be rude to tell my ex-boyfriend's dad to get a job?

Basically my ex and i had to break up because of his school and work. We went out for a whole year and everything was perfect. An intense connection, no fights. My ex has to be the breadwinner in his household because his dad is always sitting on the couch watching tv, knowing that his son is stressed and all.

Basically, his parents were separated and his dad came back last year making all these false promises that he was going to look for a job (which he hasn't even made an effort to do so.) His dad disgusted me. He would just sit around being lazy, only looking out for himself.

My ex and his mom have to take care of bills, rent, etc. His dad just mooches off of them. My ex had to sacrifice school for work basically and failed his emt/paramedic class twice.

This was his last chance so he had to give me up since obviously school and work are his main priorities & he wouldn't be able to devote his time for me. He works from 4:00am-2:30pm. And has school from 6:00-10:00pm...some days from 4:00-10:00pm. But his mom says that he's still in love with me.

Would i be crossing the line? His dad used to work in dialysis so he used to make good money until he got fired. I know that this would've been avoided if he had a job. So far, they've told him to get a job but i'm at the point of wanting to scream at him and im not even a member of the family.

My ex could've been working a part time or something and had more time to study and have time for me too :(


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  • Yes, it would be rude. Even if you feel it's justified, it's not your business…it's your ex's.

  • He's an ex and it's no longer your business.


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