If it took my 4 months long distance ex-boyfriend 7 months to get over me?

does this mean he loved me for real? i want to know because i loved him so much and it was too hard for me to let go


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  • I'm sure there was some deep feelings for you. Long distance relationships are tough and can take a toll but four months isn't that long, especially if you rarely, if ever, saw each other. I'm guessing this was the basis for the break up?

    • believe me johnny as i said it took us more than 7 months to get over it , and not fully , so the four months were so strong we fell in love so deep and built a lot of dreams together , yes , it is , specially that he had problems with his military papers that prevented him form coming back to his home country where i live , so he didn't come back for two vacations , which made the some of it a whole year we haven't met , so he told me that it is better for me tha we go separate ways because he doesn't know if he will ever come back , he said that although it was 7 months already we broken up and he was calling me and seemed so sad , does this mean he has taken this decision because he is forced to and although he loved me?

    • no no we have met in person before he traveled , and we were planning to get engaged when he comes back

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