Guys do you feel anything when someone breaks up with you?

So I broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year. We like each other, the sex is great, but lately we just don't connect. We can't find anything to talk about or do on our days off. So I thought it was time to pull the plug. Well the day that I was going to tell him in person he realized that I took something of mine from his apartment and he started teasing me and making fun of me asking if I was going to break up with him. So later I realized that I don't want to be made fun of as I'm breaking up with him in person, so I did it over email. It didn't even seem to phase him. I care for him, and I liked him a lot. It's just hurting me that he doesn't even want to talk about it or fight for me. I know that last part sounds selfish, but I just meant that I was willing to talk. If you have slowly been drifting apart do you still have feelings for the girl when you break up? Was he just acting like it didn't bother him and it did? Or does it really not mean anything to you if a girl breaks up with you? Thanks


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  • "Guys do you feel anything when someone breaks up with you?"

    Sometimes, sure. But like any other emotion we're very good at not displaying it for everyone to see.

    When you break up with a guy and it hurts him, he's most likely going to want to hurt you back. We're simple like that. And most guys know, even on an instinctual level, that a good way to hurt a girl is to make her feel the way you do now. So even if he was hurt, he's not going to show it, and he's going to act like you don't matter to him, never did, and your breakup doesn't hurt him at all.

    But here's the main lesson for you (and I wish other girls would learn it as well).

    You CANNOT throw the handgrenade of breaking up into a relationship, and expect the guy to hear "Fight for me, I was willing to work on things, I just want to talk"

    When you nuke the relationship, it's nuked. There's no putting it back together.

    If you want to talk, say you want to talk. Not "I'm breaking up with you" Because the vast majority of guys will act like he did, and what's more, they'll be having sex with someone else as quick as humanly possible.

    • How does he get back at her?

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    • As said above ^ acts like the relationship was no big deal..and then he trashes her reputation based on things she entrusted him with. vindictiveness

    • I don't know who you are, but thank gosh for you having your kind of honesty. :)

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  • I'm not even going to read the details. This is a very simple-minded question. Of course we do. Only sociopaths feel nothing. Guys feel as much if not more than girls. Just because we don't dramatize it or go into theatrics doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So many women ask this. Stop being so ignorant.

  • No, we're all robotic and dont commit suicide 3 times more than women and we dont ever get depression or cry.
    Sarcasm by the way ^^^^^^
    Sorry if this sounds harsh but this question is extremely ignorant and reinforces the idea that men are unemotional entities that are incapable of having feelings.

    Yes we cry, we get just as upset as you, some men will get even more hurt than the girl if she wanted to leave and he didn't.

  • Well, I recently had a break up and trust me no one likes the idea of being dumped.However i guess for a guy his self esteem comes up then and he wants to keep his chin up and exit out of a relation without letting his GF score brownie points.

  • it really hurts specially when we are so in love with a woman and suddenly she left and replaced us for someone else for no reason even if it does it is really painful and heartbreaking

  • I have wept when women broke up with me...just not to her or to anyone. Yes, I do feel pain when someone breaks up with me. However, for better or for worse, I do not show it so much with other people except my closest friends. I do not show it to her because it's pointless and could make her feel bad.

    Now as to why your former bf didn't register emotion, who can say? Perhaps he did but just didn't want to show it to you. Perhaps he didn't feel all that broke up about it, in which case you're both better off moving on.

    I'm sorry that you are hurting a bit, and it does seem you reluctantly broke up with him. It almost sounds like you wanted him to try harder in the relationship. Try to win you back. However, at this point it doesn't seem like that will happen, in which case I'm afraid you have no alternative but to move on. I hope you find a man with whom you connect and hope that you make each other happy.


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