My ex girlfriend broke up with my 3 weeks ago when she broke up wit me I acted like a psycho she changed her number and now I want her back help?

Im still in love with her and I want her back but how do I prove to her that I want her back without coming across as her crazy ex


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  • By acting like a psycho you've already established yourself as her crazy ex. She ended the relationship. Unless it was for a reason that you can possibly fix, it's unlikely you'll be able to get her back. Respect her wishes and move on.


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  • I'd say, chances tend to 0%... That's been it, can tell from experience.

    • Is there any chances that I can boost that up?

    • I'm just being straight forward honest: There's almost no chance. I made this kind of experience before. Best is, accept it, move on, it's psychologically going to take some 10 months to get over her, better you start earlier.

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