How long before ex gets the hint to go away?

I use to date a girl back when I was a high school senior. It didn't work out, bit at the time we stayed friends. A while after the break up I thought there be a chance we'd get back together because she was always so flirty and playful around me. But I soon came to realize there wasn't. I noticed she was only playful when she didn't have a boyfriend. After one relationship ended she went back to being playful so I stopped even trying to go that path seeing she only wanted attention. Now fast forward a bit. I'm currently a college freshman with a lovely girlfriend in her senior year of high school, though her family move to Indian we're making it work. From time to time my ex who is now a senior herself will call, leave voicemails, and text and it always just hey. This happen like once every few months so I know it means she still hasn't change and just wants my attention when she is single, sl so now I just don't respond. I honestly want her to leave me alone, but know if I talk to her it would only feed her desire. Any advice.


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  • You could always block her number if she's bothering you that much. Or just text her telling her to leave you alone. That should do the trick.

    • Thanks for MH! Hope it works out.

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  • If you ignore her then she will go away. you can also change your phone number which you shouldn't have to do, but it will resolve the problem.


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