My Ex husband keeps jumping back and forth between me and his girlfriend of 7 months...?

To sum up a long story I filed for divorce because my husband choose drinking and drugs over me and our son. We were actually separated for almost a year, right before the divorce was final I told him I didn't want it and wanted to try. He pushed for it because he already had a girlfriend unbeknownst to me. We never stop having sexual contact ( I didn't know he had a girlfriend), so he was basically cheating on her and said I was his weakness he wouldn't ever be able to turn me down. So 2 weeks after our divorce he left his girlfriend and came home, everything was great for a few weeks. I then found he was still texting her saying he loved her and was going to be back wither her. I was devastated and so were the kids. A month went by and we still had some sexual contact (he still cheated on her), I knew it was dumb but I love him... He finally ended it with her again, he came back to me without me asking and told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. He missed me and promised he wouldn't leave again. Well 3 weeks later, the girl text me saying he was texting her again. So I confronted him and he didn't deny it. He left and said he needs to be alone to figure out what he wants. He says he still loves me, but not like he loves her. He wants me to leave him a lone for awhile so he can figure himself out. I love him so much I haven't been able to stop texting, but I am trying from now on. I just don't want him to think I don't love him. What should I do? Does he really love 2 people? Does he really love her like he says even though he cheated on her their entire relationship? HELP!!!


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  • Well I know it's hard but you should stop being if not for you but for your kids! He doesn't love you he likes having who he wants when he wants. You need to leave the idiot and only let him see his child if he takes regular drug tests.


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