Ex boyfriend unfollowed on Twitter...?

It was right after a tweet i posted about doing my student teaching in Ireland. I asked him if i was missing something because he had asked that we didn't ignore each other and was not upset before. He responded that he's not "into" my tweets and "Thats why." Clearly upset for some reason. It has been 10 days since he dumped me. He ended it yet he is upset at me?


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  • Better question is. It's just Twitter. Do you really care that much?

    • its more about the bigger meaning of it. And also his cold response. not just Twitter itself.

    • Ok then. Could he be upset about something? Maybe. Hard to tell because I don't know either of you. But just remember sometimes a rose is just a rose. If he says he doesn't like your tweets there's always the possibility he was telling the truth. You really aren't descriptive enough to say which version is true.

  • Sounds like he's moving on because he no longer cares for you.


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