Should be friend with him again?

Recently my ex and I broke up. We were never real friends before, we met at a friend's party. Years after we started talking. Then went into a relationship for 2 years.

He broke up with me because his feelings was drifting away and he said I didn't do anything wrong. He wanted to be friends with me later down the road. He had become friends with his few of exes too.

Is it a good idea to become friend with him?

Why he wants to be friends when he have his other exes as friends?


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  • There is nothing wrong in becoming friends with your Ex. And it is still a good way to keep you in his life, without any strings attached. After a break up, there are many couples, whether they are married or not, who stay Best friends, and find, that their relationship is even healthier and much better than when they were hooked at the hip.
    He most likely feels this way with his other halves, and having you "in there somewhere" makes His sweetie pie complete.xx


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  • Well, only you can decide that. Do YOU think you can handle being friends with him in the future?

    if you're unsure, it's okay to say that, too.


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