Who has cheated? This should be interesting?

Simple question. Have you ever cheated on someone?
I realize anyone that admits it, will be attacked and told they are the worst person in the world.
So, by all means answer anonymously.


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  • Yup. I was 18 and in a miserable relationship with a guy I broke up with on a weekly basis but literally would not let it happen. If you've been in this type of relationship, you would understand, but if you haven't then it's probably hard to wrap your head around. No matter what I said or did, he wouldn't leave me alone. He threatened suicide, screamed and yelled at me until I said I wouldn't break up, and was physically aggressive once or twice. He would drive by my house, go through my phone, tell me who I could and couldn't hang out with.
    I started drinking heavily because he told me I wasn't allowed to, and one night at a party I kissed a guy. I was near blackout drunk and I know it's not an excuse but I felt horrible about it. It was not something I intended to do, and it was not an entirely conscious decision.
    When I told him, he still wouldn't let me break up with him and eventually I just cut all contact and blocked his number and he went away.

    I still feel shame and it's almost been 5 years. I know the pain of being cheated on and I can't believe I put someone else through that regardless of how he treated me.
    Judge me if you will, but I am 2.5 years sober and a completely different person. I lost my way, but I found a new, better way and am in a relationship of 2 happy years during which I have been completely faithful. I do not think that what happened makes me a bad person... It was just a bad judgement call. I am not going anon because while I am ashamed, this one mistake does not define who I am.

    • I wouldn't consider that cheating

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    • I actually read this. Sorry to hear that bubbie. Happy bout your newer 2 year relationship tho

    • Thanks for most helpful :)

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  • Nope. In fact my gfs are usually so hot I like to play a little game of comparison. In my mind I compare them to every girl I see when I walk around, say at the mall, and smirk because they destroy them all.

  • Yes, yes I have. And no I won't be using the anonymous box because I have matured since then and am not that person. I've done my time being ashamed from my actions and I've changed as I have learnt from my choices. I suffered the consequences as nothing goes unpunished and I grew from my mistakes. I was younger and I was not perfect. You do not know me or what those situations were so any judgement is not going to bother me as it is old and I am past it much like those involved are. In the long run it definitely worked out best for everyone, even if it hurt people are the time me included.

    • Everyone has done things in their life they are ashamed of. I have never cheated on anyone..but I have had an affair with a married men. People on this site love to just spout out judgements. I know admitting this is going to get my ass chewed. But their isn't anyone on her that is perfect.

    • It takes a lot to be able to stand up and take account for your actions and pretending it didn't happen would only make me seem like I didn't better myself. It's hardly murder so it doesn't make me evil just human. I use my knowledge to actually give advice to people on seeing the signs preventing it and dealing with it.

    • +1. You gave me the courage to tell my story. I'm scared for backlash, but it happened and there is nothing I can do about it now.

  • People will only admit to not cheating which is true in my case: I've never had a girlfriend


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  • Me, and it was only 1 time. He also deserved it , he would constantly accuse me of cheating all of the time, and was very jealous. So i cheated on him and dumped him

  • No. I've come close, and that was when I ended the relationshpi I was in.

  • No, I have never cheated and I never plan on doing so because it is so incredibly sleazy, self-absorbed, and sh*ts all over a bond you worked so hard to build. I'd rather exercise some self-control and choose my moral compass over my pussy.


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