Ladies.. Is it easy for you to not want to see someone after a breakup?

I'm just curious..

If you break up with a guy, yet talk to him, but once he asks to hang out you're like no, not tonight or keep putting it off.

Is it for you guys to not want to hang out with someone who you "love" or do you guys force yourselves to not want to be in their presence. I never got this about women.

Once they break up and you're trying to get back together by doing fun things to find or reignite what was lost, a lot of women (well, in my case) seem to not want to hang out.

One girl in particular was like.. I don't wanna hang out with you right now because you may try something (I guess sexually). I don't know.

Feedback please.

Also, how could you just ignore (out of the blue) and not see someone who has been so close to you for so long.


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  • She broke up with you for a reason and it is normal for the girl not to want to see the guy and try moving on with her life. She still talks to you because you were her comfort zone and knows she can talk to you about anything. She doesn't want to hang out with you because it would be to hard on her and she just needs her space right


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  • For starters, GUYS and GIRLS cut contact after a breakup. It has nothing to do with gender. After a breakup, usually both parties try and spend time away from the other person. You are no longer obligated to see that person or spend time with them. For anyone trying to continue to hang out with am ex like nothing happened is delusional. SOMETHING did happen and it needs to be acknowledged.

    With that said, after a breakup... I'm gone.I completely disappear from that persons life. I become just a memory.But I do that for ME so that I can heal from the situation and move on with my life. Its depends on my relationship with the guy whether or not I will miss him. If he was a douche while we were together, then of course I could care less about him. If he was amazing to me but things didn't work out, I would STILL ignore him...although I would want to see him...maybe.Sometimes people just need time apart to see the truth of the situation. Either way, I will still take time to myself and not necessarily want to see the guy. Its NORMAL to not start hanging out with an ex.

    • So what if you guys have feelings and decided to take a break and you guys both talked about maybe having a future together even after the breakup, like marriage?

      Still no hanging out and trying to mend fences? I'm speaking of the types of breakups that has the potential of being fixed with a little time.

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    • Great answer. Thanks for letting me pick your brain.

    • You're welcome.😁

  • my ex boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard from him since he kicked me out of our apartment. it hasn't been easy not hearing from him since he was a major part of my life for the last year. I miss not just the sex and the companionship, but I miss those times that we made each other laugh and those times that we did the things that we liked doing together. (movies, hiking, fishing and so on). I moved out of state to be closer to my mother who sick so in my situation hanging out isn't a option. when relationships end its pretty normal for them to have no contact all together unless children are involved.

  • when a girl breakup with someone..all she wants to do is to move on..forget him..and get someone else

  • By the time I make my decision to breakup I am pretty set. I don't change my mind.

    • Understandable. That's what I hate. At least give a brother a chance to right his wrongs lol

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    • Makes sense. I like the fact that you talked about "have had the talk" because some people just hit their mate by surprise and say it's over and then the person is left hurt, confused and in shock.

    • Well people process their emotions differently. Sorry you were blind sided. That must suck

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