Is he worth fighting for or is it futile?

My boyfriend of six months just broke up with me last Wed. He originally wanted a break but i blew the situation out of porpotion, things were done and said and we ended up breaking up. I begged him later that night to reconsider and he said he would think about it. The next day I gave him his space to breath. My sis told me my ex told her "I miss your sister Im considering of taking her back." I was still depressed and angry that I called one of my guy friends whom he was extremely jealous of and that same night I spammed my FB with how great support he was. since my BF had broken up with me, he constantly kept logging in to his FB and didn't sleep that Thursday or that Friday morning. I was so upset he didn't call in those 2 days that I despite hearing that he wanted to come back to me, I told him not to bother and to get out of my life. He asked me why, and then said it that's what I wanted. I though that was going to push him back to me. I was wrong. He made his decision that night and next morning he deleted me from FB and when i called him begging him why he didn't want to be with me. He said he didn't love me, that he cared for me and if i ever needed something from him he was there but we were done forever. He said he was sure I would find someone. A few hours later he called me to say he was feeling something strongly for my best friend. She had offered him comfort in the last few weeks and that he felt something for her. i called her and she feels the same. Now they have been "seeing each other" since that day. They spend every hour of the day together and she spend nights at his house but she said they haven't done anything sexual. Just kissing and grinding. I tried talking to him but all he has is very confrontational things to say and on Mon. he said we could still fix things. But yesterday both of them said we could no longer be friends. He told me to move on. She did tell me they were having problems and that they were just "hanging out."
TBH I know I screwed up in a lot of things in this relationship and everyone around me warned me to be careful cus it was extremely hard to find someone like that for my very 1st relationship. I was extremely lucky. My heart tells me 2 fight for him.
But I also hear what everyone is saying and I probably did too much damage to him and I should just move on.


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  • I hope you learned your lesson. No games. Trying to push him back to you by telling him to go away and leave you alone? Game.

    I'm positive that little ploy of yours drove him to finally accept breaking up with you. He was changing his mind a little after you begged and were acting sweet, asking for a chance. Then you screwed it up by being vicious.

    You should let this one go and start fresh. Learn from your mistakes. Be kind and patient. Don't overreact or play games.

    • I did. I have no justification on what I did what I did. I did have my reasons but at the end of the day those reasons are going to be overlooked by him and all he's going to have is the very sour taste in his mouth how things ended.

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  • If you LOVE drama, then go back to this guy if he'll take you.
    Otherwise, shop for a guy that will send you to GAG to brag about all the fun times you're having and advice on how to have even more fun.

  • what does your heart tell you


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  • Being there was so much drama and redrick in this break-up and things turned out so very bad, you have now pushed him into the arms of another woman, and he is telling you to move on. This newbie could possibly be a rebound, but for now, she is someone whom he cares about, and has offered comfort and joy in his life.
    You could wait and wonder and see where the "hanging out" leads to, and she has admitted "they were having problems," but as far as I can see, even if he would return to you tomorrow, the both of you would have to really work long and hard to get back any Real relationship to "fix things," and from then on, nurture and nurse it back to health again.
    If things remain the way they are now, with him getting his life back in order, lick your own wounds and start doing the same. Move on, and let this experience be a lesson well taught for any future fights with another.
    Good luck.xx

    • I know he's trying. The problems with them are pretty serious though but he is trying. They are fighting for power in the relationship and she hates the fact that he keeps comparing her to me

    • Yes, probably a rebound. This happens after a break-up. Sounds messy again..he jumps from the fat into the fire, with problems following him..

  • Leave !!! Move forward sometimes if things are shitty its just hard to fix them find someone better

  • I would move on.


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