Will it ever be the same between us?

Me and this guy have been knowing each other for almost 10 years we had been friends for almost 8 and started to get serious around the last 2 1/2 3 years, He is six years younger then me but is very mature and not like most younger guys when it came to convo but he still had some immature ways. He seem to be very loyal never cheated or was the type to have a lot of chicks calling his phone. We had issues during a relationship though it's like we would be good for a couple of weeks then we would be going at each others throats. He also had problems with showing his emotions because he had been through a lot during the past couple of years with losing his mother, father and an uncle who he considered to be like a father. I had been there through a lot with him he has cried in front of me which he hardly ever did in front of anyone but it's like we would clash so much because he was not really very emotional and I was extremely emotional at times I just felt that I wanted more from the relationship then he did and it was just small things that I would complain about that he would not do. Like the week before last I took a trip to miami and I was sick that first day and I text him telling him I was throwing up and he didn't call or text me back but was on Facebook a few mins after he received my message from his mobile phone so I know he got my message and just ignored it. I just felt like he just didn't care and he only cared when it was convenient for him. I just hate the fact that I've waisted so much time and energy on some one who seems to me never really cared it's like he cared for me before we started dating but once we got serious he started to change. I told him in the beginning that I can be difficult sometimes but what woman isn't I told him I don't play when it comes to my heart and my feelings so if you really feel like you can't handle this a relationship then don't waist mines or yours.
I just don't know if it will ever be the same and should I just give up on our relationship/friendship


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  • You can't have too many friends
    but some friends need to reside on the back burner - like this guy.
    Spend more of this free time on the front burner shopping for guys that are relationship candidates, easy matches.


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  • Having taken a break from my marriage to a husband out in Egypt, I became involved with a Coptic Christan, who was much like your friend. He lost his father three years ago, and on top of his mother having health issues, he works a 10-12 hour a day job, which with all of this, consumes a lot of his time------and left very little for me. I never was Once even a priority.
    We became involved in a relationship that he wanted to become exclusive in, but never would commit officially to, and was very sporadic and unpredictable. He only got together when it was convenient for him, never really cared when I was sick, only if I wasn't "around" for him to keep an eye on. Your episode reminded me of when I was very sick this last time, and it was as though he had fallen off the face of the earth, for-----no text back. Everything was about him, and I got nothing but heartache and grief in return. He even went so far as to disappear back to Egypt, leaving his best friend to air his dirty laundry in telling me, for he couldn't bear to see me cry. I took him back for awhile, but I can tell you right now----they Never change.
    Yes, like me, you "wasted your time and energy" on some worthless worm who didn't give a rat's behind for you or how your heart feels. He plays games with your head and toys with your heart, and if you continue Any kind of relationship with a bum like this, you'll sink to his level, for he will constantly bring you down to rock bottom, where you and your poor feelings will remain, broken and battered.
    Yes, things do change in a relationship when it comes to the Big "C": Commitment. Many guys today have problems being hooked at the hip, and the ones who Are in one, are either emotionally unstable, or just not ready to tie themselves down.
    Move on, and don't look back. Don't let him continue to wear you out and wear you down. He's not even a friend, for you can't count on him for anything but drama all the time.x

  • I honestly believe you should have a serious talk with him.

  • Who knows? I doubt it


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