Why can't I forget about my ex? Did he not forget me either?

We got into a huge argument and said some horrible things to each other when we broke up and after that a year went by and every single day of thay year I always thought of him. I decided to message him on fb (I deleted his # a long time ago) on his birthday saying that I hoped he had a good one and all the bad was behind us. 2 months later he texted me saying hey and exactly 20 minutes later when I didn't answer he said merry Christmas . he asked me if I missed him and said the answer mattered to him partially because he's in the army and is probably missing home. Now we text and are friends again. Does this mean he probably missed me as much as I missed him? Why else would he bring me back into his life after our falling out?
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  • Yes, he was curious and wanted to know your thoights on him after such misery.


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  • He definitely missed you


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  • First of all, God bless him for serving our country!!
    He may miss you. I say just continue talking to him and see where it leads to.

  • I believe that he want someone that he can communicate with, because of the army situation


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