Why dose my ex bf talks to me some times and other times where it's less people around, and other times he ignore me?

I'm so Frustrated, lost, and confuse. Why because of someone sould have got rid of since we broke up the 1st time. But I'm not going to fake or act like I don't care for him or have feelings for him. Because I still do very much, or else I wouldn't br on here talking and asking questions about him. Buy it's not so much about my feelings for him. I just need to know about what you guy's haft to say about this. So months months ago my ex and
I was still hanging out kissing kinda of hugging and having casual sex. And later weeks in that time he started feeling bad that we had sex but he was still doing it smh. BUT later IIfounddout the reason why. It was because of some girl he started seeing. So lik 1 or 2 months later I he comes back trying to hit on me and flirt but it didn't work and I didn't want to go back doing that all over again. So I just stop flirting with him and stop allowing him to touch me. And because he disappear and now you want to come back and try to hit on me. Then months later and weeks later he started to be distance and not talk to me as much anymore. And it continue to go on t'ill this day and it kind of makes me a little sad but mad as well. It's like he's not like he used to be not to be all over me. But just talking to me at work. So I was thinking maybe him and that girl had work things out. Now and days he don't flirt with me nor dose he touch me or trys to hit on me or get jealous anymore. At one point he was coming off weird disrespectful to me and another co worker we worwork with. But that was months then. Now an days he seem happy and free and just kinda of like what ever with me and doing him. But and also just last week or the week before he had some hickeys on his neck and I guess he knew I saw them so he was getting mad in a way and trying to hide them. But like I said he is begin very nice to me and the other co worker and also helpful and helping me and kinda start talking to me more. But other times he ignore me y


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  • If he is not treating you the way you want him to, then leave him.Dump him and move on.

    • Its not that he's treating bad. Just confusing me..

    • You need to reread everything you have written above. If you can't see that he is treating you poorly and badly, then you are delusional.

    • Oh well I'm not looking at it that way. But maybe u r right?

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