My ex/crush is likes me but he doesn't?

So he's 14 and I'm 13 (just putting that our there) and we dated for a couple weeks but sadly had to break up cause we never saw each other. Then it was awkward between us but last night me and him texted for 6hours and he said I'm a really cool person but today he told me to go away but later on at night I was crying (not cause of him) and he was hugging me and asking what was wrong. (we were at a event) so yeah... What's going on?


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  • You haven't seen real life yet.


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  • He was just being a friend at a time when I seemed you needed a hug.

    • I know but I meant he was acting like a jerk at first then the next second he was being nice and usually he doesn't do that when I cry unless he's like next to me wich he wasn't at the time thanks for answering😉

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