Ex saw me with another guy and caused a scene?

I broke up with him a week ago and have been looking for new apartments (we still live together). I was having a drink with a new guy outside a bar in our neighborhood. I noticed that my ex kept calling me, but seeing as I was on a date, I ignored it (also, we've been ignoring each other)... five minutes later, he pops up. I had to excuse myself and talk to my ex who yells at me calling me a bitch and a slut and grabbing my arm telling me to come home with him so he can throw my stuff out. I am mortified and have to leave my date, because my ex refuses to leave, even informing my date that we still live together.
At home my ex tells me we were just having a disagreement and we said things out of anger... but I never play around like that, it's unhealthy. I told him numerous times I did not want to be with him anymore, that we don't belong together and that I am looking for a place to stay. (We live in a big city where small places go for very high rents so it's very hard to find somewhere reasonable, my family is in a city three hours away and my friends have no space so please don't tell me I should be gone ASAP because I am trying my best, if I could be gone today, I would).
It's like he won't accept the break up. He believes that I 'cheated' on him, I keep repeating that I broke up with him and we haven't been together for a week. Even HE has said that he doesn't want to be with me anymore.
Should I wait until I move out to date or do what makes me happy?


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  • Unfortunately for u, u should wait to date once u leave ur psycho ex. The way he acted was totally unreasonable. And he'll just keep that up and throw a temper tantrum every time he finds out ur on a date. I mean u could still date and the next time he pulls that stunt just call the cops and he'll have no choice to leave the area ur in. But it WILL be a huge shit storm once u return to the apartment and he's there.
    If u can't leave right now, whether u chose to date or not, just continue to be passers by and try even more to avoid and not talk to him when ur in the apartment together. Maybe he'll get the hint, maybe he won't, but there's not much u can do until u leave. May I suggest that u threaten to call the cops on him the next time he puts his hands on u? He had absolutely no reason to touch u, even if he thinks it was justified bc he was pissed that u were out on a date. He may not have hurt u and was only trying to get a point across, but still, no right. I hope for ur sake u can find a place soon before things get out of hand.
    Best of luck to you hun.


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