Why does he think he still owns me? I am clearly not his property.?

I started dating another guy after getting over an ex. We take pictures and post them on Facebook. No harm done. We broke up four months ago and he broke up with me. Anyways my ex texted me saying how I am being so unfair to this guy because I am not over him. He sent me a lengthy paragraph saying how I'm being unfair and how I shouldn't be dating someone so soon. I told him we are over. You left me and I decided to get on with life. He felt offended but stood by his position. Why does he do this? It's very upsetting to think he thinks I am still his.


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  • Your last sentence is the reason. Because it upsets you.

    Don't contact him ever again.


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  • It's a mans nature dear. Not every guy is like that. But this is a reality. He is a low life guy

  • I agree with the other guy. He thinks your his still and can do whatever and he's acting his shoe size.


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  • He's throwing a 2 year old tantrum (something in sure he does with his mommy and daddy) to get his own way, in hopes that u'll go back to him. Don't even bother talking to him anymore if u don't plan on getting back with him. He may see some sort of hope and is holding out hoping u realize u want to be back with him especially if ur still contacting him

    • He broke up with me. I waited for himto realize his mistake. He dated girls after. Why should he even care?

    • I see this a lot with guys. Whether or not they're in a relationship they get insanely jealous if the girl that they are/were does the same thing as their dude and takes to another male. I've seen it with guys who cheat then call their girl a ho, and if a child is involved they start denying it. Or if they guy breaks off the relationship for whatever reason and feels they can date but it's a big no - no for their former gf. It's a a territory alpha male thing. He's allowed to do what he wants when he wants and doesn't want the image of the sincere girl he was with I. The arms of another man. Females aren't as outward with these feelings bc most of the times we take it at face value. We understand emotion way more than they do and when we know it's over there's no point in fighting anymore. When he broke up with u, did u still try to bargain with him and cry or get upset that he'd moved on so fast? If so then he can't wrap his mind around what changed to make u move on.

    • Another aspect is he probably broke up with u to play the field, and once he realized the grass wasn't so green he came back and u weren't there. Now he's pissed and resenting himself and his outward display of anger is being reflected onto u bc he isn't equipped to understand it any other way. Sux to be him, huh? He's a baby, with a baby mentality and is projecting himself in a childish way. IMHO just move on. Even if u were to get back with him I bet u a $100 he's going to make u feel like crap for seeing other guys and may even possibly put u down and call u names.

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