Boyfriend breaks up with me, because he's stressed?

I understand him being stressed, but I'm not sure if he's only using that as an excuse... The day after he came by to get a few things he needed, but left the rest of his stuff... and when he left he kissed me and said I love you.. What's up with this?


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  • In my opinion. He feels that because he is stressed he can not fulfill his obligations in the relationship. Which would have a negative impact on you. But I feel that unless you are the one causing the stress it's a cop out. Thinking that putting an end to something that is good will help to fix what is not is ludicrous in my mind.

    • I didn't think I was causing the stress, only that I have a 4 year old...

  • He's taking a break to put full attention on his overwhelming problems, when solved will be back & able to share some time with you ,,, it doesn't have to be permanent

    on the other hand, if you are not telling how much drama this relationship has, then he might not be able to handle his stresses AND the drama and may be gone soon

    • I have a 4 year old, and he says that's what stresses him out. I guess maybe we'll never work because I have a child...

    • Only a real man can be a husband, father, worker bee and fun to be with - he won;t work out with MANY gals, dear. Let him go so you'll have more time for real men to find you.

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