The thought of her makes me feel butterflies in my stomach?

I have broke up with my ex girlfriend a few months ago. Which she has deleted me off of everything. But one day out of the blues she txted me. she says that she has mistaken me for another person which she told me to avoid the message. And when i read the text message i felt so happy to hear from her. And i felt butterflies in my stomach as well. Even though the message was not for me it felt as if it was meant for me. since then i have not seen a text from again. But i do see her name everywhere. Now what does that mean and how should i go about it. And is it something good or something bad. Your opinion and your comment is greatly appreciated.


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  • Thats just how it is when you break off things and u still have feelings..maybe u should just check up on her via text every now and again and try to be friendly with takes awhile to get over some people.

    • yeah that i think is true now that it has been awhile... Crazy what love can do to a person right?

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