I'm pretty sure this guy likes me from the way he acts so why doesn't he dump his gf and ask me out?

There's this guy in my class we don't really talk that much but he stares at me In class all the time. He's been with his girlfriend since last year and I just met him this year. When I walk into class I'd notice him looking. When he talks to his friends he would look at me to see if I'm looking or paying attention. When he says something funny he glances at me to see if I laughed. When he's with his friends he would look at me. Sometimes he would even sit facing my way during class. He only does this to me not to like every girl.

I don't flirt with him so i don't know if he knows I like him. I mean I would make eye contact but that's pretty much it and I don't really consider that flirting. But still i think he's interested in me so why is he with his girlfriend?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Without any guarantee that you even like him in the first place, why should he risk it?

    • Why would he need a guarantee? He should risk it because I thought he liked me?

What Girls Said 1

  • He may only like your looks


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