Why do ex husband's come around after no contact for 4 months?

My ex husband and I had no contact for 4 months just recently he claims he called me by mistake... which I don't believe him, ask to see me which we meet up recently one thing lead to another we had sex and had not heard from him since...


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  • Obviously he knew he could get sex from you.

    • Thank you for MH. I know it is the only opinion you got, but you took the time to recognize it. I hope that you posted another question about this, worded to give more info so that someone might be able to help you with it.

      I do believe you also need to consider why you let the behavior happen. Meaning you don't believe his calling was a mistake (I don't either), you agreed to meet him, and it led to sex. It was likely what he was attempting all along and I think you knew it. You would be wise to sever all ties and get on with your life. Find a new boyfriend, lover, or whatever, one you can trust, and move on with your life. Best wishes.

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