I want my ex back but.. her attitude is making me drift away?

So my ex and I broke up earlier this week it has been all bad for me, but she seems happy with her decision, yet she tells me that she can realistically see a future with us in it.

As much as I've begged her back, she's basically begged me to be a friend the same amount. Telling me that she doesn't want a relationship right now but has decided that she should date and see if this is what she really wants since we often argued because of her male friend.

At first, I was going to let her go and say F it but then I remembered all the good times. So I would text and write a nice poem, letter, send her love songs off of YouTube and etc.

The other day I was at my wits end and was going to give up again but then I was like let's meet to say our final goodbyes. She couldn't because she was picking her daughter up from daycare and I was getting ready for work later.

Later that night I got off to a text that read, "Sorry you've been hurting.. don't like to see u like that especially if I caused it..call me :-)." So I called and we talked about things and begin to get into it so she got mad and hung up but called back right away. Then she was like I wish you would be my friend right now and said I'm hurting her by not being friends with her and then was like it's best for the both of us to stop being selfish.

Well today we talked without much drama. We talked and even shared laughs, she still wouldn't let me see her though. The same friend that we had many arguments about, she said she's closer to him and was like she can't help who she is closer to. Of course, I got mad and she was like he's just my homie and was like you always over exaggerate things.

She acts like she don't give an F about us. The future that she paints, I can't even see it she's laughing and is like, "What? I'm just a happy person."

I feel myself slowly drifting away from her. There's only so much I can continue to take.
What do you guys think I should do? I'm seriously thinking of letting go, but my mom likes her and the never ending questions about have already started.

I'm thinking of doing NC, but I don't know.Think she will even miss me and reconsider?
She knows I'm a good guy. I never cheated on her or put my hands on her. Always motivated and was there whenever she needed me. A few days before she broke up with me she was sick and I took care of her.


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  • Was there a question is this or did you just want to vent?

    • Both. What do you guys think I should or shouldn't do?

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    • and at the moment it is.

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