Why can't we stay away from each other no matter whathappens between us two? (GUYS) thoughts?

Me and my ex...or now boyfriend have been off and on for about a year now and weve had so many timea where one or the other would say " im done" but have never kept our promises either time.

While we were official weve broken up with each other over minor things and disagreements but for some reason we just can't seem to make it past two weeks of being broken up why is this? Why can't we stay away from each other?

Im 21 so I don't know if this is just cause im young or what but I truly love him and like him and would like a future with him so maybe thats why I keep ending back with him I don't know...ideas guys? Did you ever keep going back to a girl? Are you still together or eventually did you just stop and move on?

Just recently about a week and a half ago he got mad at me then I got upset and told him I was done to forget about me but here he comes calling as of yesterday asking to see me and we just kept hugging each other and saying how we missed one another and how we loved each other...it happens that way every time but why? What could it mean?


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  • Hmmm... Have you ever thought that maybe your boyfriend was putting up a front so everyone thought he was straight when in fact he was batting for the other team?

    • ...where do you get this idea from? That can't be the reason at all considering that me and him dont go out much...much less go around his guy friends...why do you think we keep ending uo together after breaking uo though...

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    • ...maybe you're gay.

    • Then maybe your boyfriend should give me a call and I'll give him what you can't.

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