Men please break this down for me?

So I have asked a pervious question about my recent breakup and have flown under the radar with my ex given the advice I've received since. When my now ex broke up with me earlier this week he encouraged me to go on dates and have fun. Tonight I went out to dinner with a guy that has been pursuing me since before my ex and I got together and ended up grabbing drinks at a local bar. Wouldn't you know it my now ex shows up and snap chats me 10 minutes after I leave saying and I quote "you're a whore, this is why we aren't together" Why would he say this when he broke up with me and encouraged me to see other people. * please read previous question to understand breakup deatails. Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated


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  • He's a moron your fine your A loud to go out and having fun after he broke up with you that's you right trust me you're not a whore just ignore him if he can't be mature of what he did

    • This is what I text him "I don't know what exactly gave you reason to accuse me of being a whore and using that as an explanation for why we aren't together, but I'll make it clear right now that I am no whore. I am a loyal fucking woman. You made it extremely fucking clear you were done with me so I went out with a friend tonight, end of story. I thought that after time passed we could become friends but apparently that isn't going to happen. Good luck with everything" I hope I didn't make myself sound like an idiot

    • That's awesome I'm proud of you but you no reasons for Explaining yourself to him it your life you run it haha I hope you find and awesome guy that will treat you right and perhaps do you think you can put your opinion on my recent Break up it's really bothering me been needing advice

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