Why dose this keep happening to me? Sorry I wrote to much down there"what trying to say is I don't want to be like my ex's she the only onei trust?

My gf broke with me for no reason but she say she still loves me want to get back with me in a few months but she still want to hang out and chill but when we do I she want to do kiss me and cuddle in the end we end up have sex, this already happen with 3 other ex's now I only go to them when ever I'm single and board but I really like this one and I don't want her to be one of my play things I just want an awesome relationship that we had but she said it's not fair for me to not see that much but I told hey it doesn't matter to me as long as I see you , you always make every thing feel better I asked if she found some one new she said no I still love you then I told hey I can understand if you did as longs you tell me then she said the no one else this week I've really didn't want to talk to anyone (the usually sounds like me but it's different when I talk to her) told I want to help but looked down so I said okay I understand and look at her with a smile I don't know if she saw my eyes getting little watery she asked if I was alright I said yeah with a bigger smile all the troubles I leave behind whenever I'm with her are burning the inside me at that moment she reaches for my head and grabs it the burning went away I smile and kiss her hand she looks at me and smiles I kiss her I'm feeling better I just wanted her to lean on me so I say come closer then she said let go to the back set we start cuddling and you can guess what happen after that but we have fun we like talking to one another we are great but she want Break up but still chill it been a week already I chill with two of the days out of the week and keeps ending up the same way I don't want to lose my feeling to her cuz I've never been so trusting with anyone except for my dead brother before he passed I've alway been alone when I was younger I had no one to talk to cuz back then me and my bro never talked so I had to deal withalotstuffbymyselfandmyparents didn't talk to me"the Point is at the top"


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  • first off: punctuation is awesome. it helps readers to understand what you are saying better.

    second off: she wants to "chill" and broke it off with you, yet you're still seeing each other and having sex? does breaking up mean something else to y'all? if she really wants to take a break, seeing each other often really isn't the best way. makes me think she just wants you for sex.

    third: so you are a trusting guy, there isn't anything wrong with that. just make sure you aren't being taken advantage of.

    • So do I just stop talking to her and chilling with her? She also said that she want to get back together in a few months do I do that? And I'm very thankful for the advice I really needed some.

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    • take what she has taught you or helped you with and apply it to life without her now. that is to be decided between you two.

    • She didn't teach me anything she helped by being with her when I was with her everything felt better and all my problems went away and okay I don't know if I would ask or even talk to her she just sent me afternoon so eh...

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