Why is my ex hiding his new gf or new crush from me she knows about me?

What's really going on here. So my ex and I are the type of people that rushed the relationship way to fast and too soon He's a co-worker and a friend but more like just an ex. Now him and I had are ups and downs and problems. But I have notice this year he has become someone new someone different. He went threw that fads begin upset about how the relationship ended and how things wasn't the same. And how I can't stand begin in the same room. Or I avoid him at work and so on. Then months later this year I notice he become distance from me he slowly stop txting me and less on the calling. There was a few times he wanted me to hit him up so I did the 1st time it was ok but he asked me what was I wearing then says lol jk. So flirting still was going on in that time. Then another time was the 2nd time was I had called him and he says he was at work busy and didn't seem to make time for me uh huh. Then later a mutual friend of mine's that he some what knows by me. I had him call him like 1 or 2 hours later. And she asked him what he was doing he says at home brushing his teeth. But he was talking to her like it was no tomorrow. I felt a bit jealous and piss that he was more willing to make time for her then me and he didn't even know her like that. I was on the othet line listen an he was talking about how he wanted to meet her an meet up with her and see her. But if I have asked that! he would have said oh he's busy bs my a** yeah yea. But truth is he don't really haft to call or talk to me he has rights to talk to whomever he wants. But it's like why bugg me about hitting you up later ir waste your time giving me your number over again after I delete it and you just blow me off. But anyways so Like I said I didn't waste my time calling him.. if he wanted to talk he had or had my num so I ended up taking his num back out. Then months months later like 3 or 4months he disappears on me. And like 2 months later he comes back. But I know its he's been seeing someone.


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  • y do u care
    ur profile says ur married

    • I wish I was marred. And because he still have acts awkward and kinda of nervous around me. And when I look at him... he doesn't have that hey look I'm with someone face. I mean he dose seem more happy and laughing and all. But it's like she knows about me but I no nothing about her. I mean that dose not add up to me not at all. And when were at work he trys getting close to me again in ways. That why!! And when I'm with someone oh u will no. I mean I wouldn't be telling a lot of people but I would make it notice and not feel odd or weird towards my ex.

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