Does he really like me or just playing a game?

I recently moved to another state for a job opportunity that I did not want to pass up. Before I moved I was seeing this guy on and off. When I moved, he got a girlfriend and we had no contact at all for about 6 to 7 months. This month, he recently began messaging me on Facebook telling me he missed me and they he broke up with this girl. He also keeps telling me he loves me and feels comfortable with me and that he feels he can tell me anything... he didn't say anything until after I moved because he says he was in denial about his feelings for me, but here's where it gets difficult, he says he loves me a lot but he won't stop talking to other females because we are technically not in a relationship and I am farther away from him. (I am 2 hours away from him). I dont know what else to do, I feel if you love someone no one else should cross your mind no matter how far the other person is right? Why dos he want to come in my life, keep telling me he loves me, but not want to commit? I am really at a loss and I dont know what to do. I really do like him a lot and I have dealt with a lot of crap from men and I am tired of getting hurt.


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  • It's tough. I think a part of him likes you and misses you but he could be afraid to fully committ. 2 hours is pretty close in my book. It's just the problem of gas and if he is even worth the trip or effort to see. But you make good points if he really loves you the nhe shouldn't be saying that he is going to talk to other girls. Even if he does talk to other girls it seems like to me that he can't forget or haven't fully gotten over you which could be part of the reason why he broke up with his girlfriend.Sometimes this stuff can be too overwhelming. I think it's up to you if you think he is worth your time and effort anymore.I feel if he loves you then he should prove it by taking you and fighting for you more. I think nobody want to get hurt or used so it's always hard to tell if people keep things real or play games. I think eventually you will find out his true motives with time.


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