I broke up with my boyfriend and then my ex texts me the same day?

I wasn't happy in my relationship with my boyfriend. My feelings between him drifted apart and my love for him just went back to the best friend love I had back in my freshmen year. It took me so much courage to break up with him and I did it in the morning at my school. When in reached 9:00pm, I got a text from my ex boyfriend who I have not heard from in over 11 and a half months. I blocked him from Facebook and it still said in a relationship with my boyfriend who I broke up with, so there is no possible way he could have know if I broken up with him or not. We talk on the phone and my heart melted and I immediately thought of all the memories I made with my ex. What do you think I should do? What is your opinion on this situation? Do you feel like this is fate?


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  • I think you're only remembering the good times with your ex because you just ended a relationship. It's natural to do that, and we've all been there. You have to also think of why the relationship ended, and whether you HONESTLY feel any of that would be different now. If you've both grown a lot since the first go-around then it could work. However, it's not easy to rekindle a relationship that already hasn't worked once. I can't tell you what decision to make, but think long and hard about whether think will actually be different if you start up with the ex again.

    • I am in no way, shape, or form, to get back in a relationship right now. My ex that I have not heard from in over a year hurt my feelings and it would take a while to even think about possibly getting back together. He said that he wants to see me and I said yes. I just am shocked that this all happened on the same day.

    • Yeah, it can feel like fate when all these things line up. Just be careful not to act too quickly based on that. Your heart can cloud your judgment more than you realize. Trust me, I've been there many times. When you see your ex be receptive to what he says, but don't give in. Good luck :)

    • No, I am taking things slow. We are just civil with each other, for now. :)

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