I know we are supposed to be something, i just cannot shake the feeling...?

Me and my ex were away from university for a few months and broke up because of the distance.
Throughout this time we flirted a lot and still talked a fair bit.
Once we got back we were seeing each other for about 3 weeks but not officially. After an amazing week of him making effort to be with me, saying cute things and stuff we had an argument and he decided to end things very abruptly. We didn't talk for a few days and then saw each other out at a party on campus.
He was flirty and friendly and definitely more than friends and later ended up coming back to my room.
He slept over in my bed but we didn't have sex. We talked and made out a lot and he was unbelievably cute and said all this stuff about needing me in his life, the way he felt so sad after a break up, told me stuff he never had told anyone, and other things.
We then acted like friends but a bit more for a bit less than a week until I got really confused and upset about the whole situation and he said we need to stop complicating things and stop doing all the kissing and things for a while because it is 'frying his brain'. We have decided to be friends. Usually I send a million messages, annoying him an stressing myself out, but this time I have resisted and have backed off more than usual plus we have 2 weeks of holidays so I won't see him. We have been kind of off and on so much and just can't stay away, I feel like we are meant to be, I didn't even feel this way about a previous 5 year relationship. I know he likes me, even loves me, but for some reason he just won't commit. How do I get him back, or at least get on a good friendship level and let him know that I am in his life?


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  • if you are looking at him as a potential boyfriend/husband and he doesn't want to commit, thats just trouble and heartbreak waiting to happen.


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