If a guy cheats, what makes him specifically choose one as the wifey type? And why?

Simple question... If a guy isn't ready to just be with one girl, what would make him choose one in particular to be the one he wants to marry? Especially since the other girls are willing to do the same as that girl because they want that title. Even though the title means nothing with a guy like that.


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  • He's afraid to commit at the moment cause he feels he want be able to have fun any longer. Convince him he's wrong n you want what he wants n be honest. Like him having female friends, that's no.1..


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  • She would have to be everything he wants in a woman. Good luck lol.

    • But if she's everything he wants, why cheat on her?

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    • Guys are confusing. Lol

    • Nah. Neither gender is that complex.

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  • Who gives a fck.. why would you want to be with him? a cheating P.O.S.. who has no self control? eww...


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