Did I ruin the chances of getting back together in the future?

He has been distant for around 1-2 weeks (at least that's when I first sensed it), he stopped finding me unless I texted him first, and he ignored messages like "is everything alright between us?" or "do you want to hang out together tomorrow?" (but he still replied to things like "how are you"), then at the end of the two weeks I called him to ask if he want to meet up (or test the waters), he broke up with me saying he couldnt see this going anywhere, that we could still hang out on the weekends. I said something like "yeah, I was thinking the past week and maybe we work better as friends but not that well as a couple, and I was thinking maybe we can find each other like catching up occasionally"

Did me saying this ruin the chances of getting back together? I didn't want to break up, but the mixed signals he was giving me the last 2 weeks were confusing and stressing me out, that when he finally broke up with me, I was relieved that I finally know what's going on. But I never really thought of breaking up with him in the first place, I loved him and wanted to be with him. Would me standing up for myself and begging him not to leave have helped instead?

I also asked him during the conversation if he knew he wanted to break up two weeks ago since thats when he started getting distant. He said "no, i've been thinking for a few weeks."


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  • He had already made up his mind.. asshole was just toying with you.. standing up for yourself could have brought the break up earlier and could have saved you from bullshit.. you had nothing in your hand.. move on now.


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