Mixed signals from my ex boyfriend..I need guys point of view..?

Sometimes my ex bf will message me and says he still loves me and miss me. In fact, after he broke up withe we didn't talk for a month and he messaged while talking to him he asked me if I liked someone else already and all. He was so eager to know if I do or not. After he knows my feelings that I don't like someone else but we kept talking until we end the conversation in a good way. He didn't me after that, it took so many days after he messaged me again he kept saying he loves me but everytime I asked him if he still wants to give it a try, the only answer I always get is his confuse and he doesn't know.

Well, I don't understand why his doing this? Why his giving me mixed signals? Why he will say he loves me and then he will pull away? I feel like my emotions being played just because his unsure about his feelings. I am more confuse whenever he does, does he really confuse or what? What will I do?

Why guys give mixed signals? Why you get confuse about your feelings and all?


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  • an Ex is an ex for some reason... never get back to them.. learn to move on.. there are 7 billion more people in the world out there


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  • Common situation on this planet. It is a psychological barrier between hom and you and nothing else.


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