Why is my ex being so distant?

We were each other's first loves, but I broke up with him over a year ago because we were at different places and I needed to be single. We stayed good friends, but when he started dating someone else we talked less. He broke up with her recently because he wasn't that into her, and we started talking more often. I saw him for the first time in months a few weeks ago. I could kind of see it in his eyes that he still has some feelings and he tried to hold my hand. Ever since I saw him, he's made no effort to talk to me and when I text him he's very short with his texts. I don't want to date him, but I thought our friendship would go back to normal now that he's single. Why is he being so distant?


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  • You said it yourself...you can tell he still has feelings for you and you guys have history. If you know that you can't have someone you still like or that its not a possibility, why should he talk to you like nothing happened? You broke up with him, thats why you may lack empathy in this situation. It sounds to me like he may be trying to distance himself so he can get over you. Let him.

    • He just got out a relationship though and he's made it clear he's happy to be single so I don't think he wants to date me at this point

    • Its not completely about dating you I dont think. Its about those remnant feelings. Secondly, you don't really know how he feels and neither do I. We are just speculating here...

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