Do you think me and my ex could still work out?

In September I'm going to University. I've decided to stay closer to home, the uni is only 1 hour away from my City. Which means I can basically come home whenever I feel like it. Me and my ex have been dating since April 2010, we split up end of 2013.I think we both want to give it another chance because she was my sweet 16th and she still is. She thinks that it might not work out because I'm living away but tbh I think we could make it work out. I don't want a future without her, it'd be awful. I can't cancel my uni application because I've confirmed it and also if I don't go this year I might ruin my future. I've said she can stay over in my student accommodation whenever she feels like it and I'll travel home when I've got the time. I was originally going to move 2/3 hours away from home but then I thought 'no, I'll be far away from her'. Do you think I should just let her go or try my hardest to make it work? I know for certain we both don't want to call it quits with each other.
If me and her can't work it out I'm staying single for a very long time. She's the only person that's made me feel warm inside.


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  • so she wants to give it a try but also doesn't think it'll work out? If she isn't too optimistic, I wouldn't try forcing it on her.

    I know you're asking if it can work out LOGISTICALLY, but first it must work out EMOTIONALLY. If the emotions are there, then a 1 hr drive shouldn't be a concern.

    I mean, it sounds like she is thinking "if we can't see each other a lot, then we shouldn't see each other at all." Sounds a bit immature and short-sighted. You should have a talk and see if seeing each other less frequently is enough to make you/her not want to see each other at all.


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