Is it possible for him to change? Because I'm not buying it.?

Recently I've found out that the Daddy to my baby girl has been cheating through out our relationship. The thing that scares me is that it's been during times that I would say have been the peak of happiness during our relationship rather than the worst of times.

Another thing that scares me is that I had no worries or paranoid suspicions that he was doing all this stuff behind my back.

I'm really hurt because I have put my all, 100% into our relationship. While he's been messing about. I hadn't looked nor thought about another guy. He's quite a paranoid person and now it kind of makes sense why.

He joined dating websites for people who are in a relationship that want to cheat. I feel so humiliated and insecure it's unreal.

He said that he is 100% mine from now on but he's been using other girls and cheap thrills to get by in this relationship so I'm not buying that he'll never do it again. However we have a 11 month old baby girl together so it's not possible to just cut him off and move on. I told him is he sure that he wants to be with me because I'm going to be really paranoid and need re-assuring most of the time. He said he can handle it as it's understandable.

Can someone change after being caught? Do you think someone will continue cheating after being caught because they see it more of a challenge?

I just want a lot of opinions on this to help me look at the bigger picture.
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I hate this so much! I bet it's my bipolar that's pushed him away. :(
Is it possible for him to change? Because I'm not buying it.?
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