Why do I still think about and fantasize about my ex-boyfriend?

I still fantasize about my ex-boyfriend I don't understand why he wasn't good to me. And I broke it off but sexually I still fantasize about him even though I am with another man. Why? What is your opinion?


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  • Because you started dating him for a reason! (maybe he was hot or was just awesome at the start) so your reliving those good moments

    I still fantasize about my ex all the time. And once in a blue moon my x-x-x i will fantasize about :P dont dig too deep into the fantasy's though or you will find yourself texting them or checking up on em

    • I have already found myself wanting to text and check up on him but so far I have resisted the urge to do so. Because I am with a really good man now and I don't need that drama.

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