Still dreaming about her, and I know its time to move on?

Its been 1 year and 4 months. And after about 4 months of no dreams about her, I had the most complex and real dream about her last night. I know I shouldn't care anymore and I need to move on. But I haven't found another girl as beautiful as her, a girl that has captured my heart like her. I have gone on dates but I just dont feel anything with girls. I've been losing weight, got a good job and making something of myself. she's moved on, moved away. But here I am, still thinking of her. What is the best way to just moved the hell on already?


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  • After this "brutal break-up," you most likely have wanted to move on, have Tried to move on, and by even dating other girls, comparing them to her, your broken heart is the One that is holding you back. And you may even be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve now. This is okay, for you know what to do and not to do, and to be on your guard from thence on.
    You never found closure after the end came, and with the dreams that you've been having, are also not helping you to heal mentally and physically. You're making yourself half sick with all of this, and while One side of you is aching to be pushed back out there and start again, the other half of you resides inside of you like this demon, ripping you apart for over a year.
    My suggestion would be, find the strength to get together with your friends, and Begin your Beguine again by socializing. Sometimes being with other people, just getting Out of the house and in a different atmosphere, can make a big difference. Or even join a group for similar problems. This helps immensely.
    I wouldn't recommend that you get wound up with anyone at the moment, for it may end up a rebound, and that's never fair. Just stay friends with the girls you decide to go out with, and remind yourself They Are Not her, but someone who is merely a companion to casually be with.
    It's not healthy to just sit and let life pass you by, continuously beating yourself up over what happened, or perhaps even blaming yourself. It is what it is, it's time to chalk it up as "Not meant to be," and now that she has moved away and moved on, should have made it a bit easier to ease your mind, and to lick your wounds. You have to start thinking of YOU.
    It appears you have everything good going for you. Count your blessings. And one day, when you least expect it, whether it be at your job or just anywhere, someone will come out of the woodwork when you least expect it, who is deserving of a guy who has plenty of love to give.
    Good luck.xx

  • Have you tried therapy? Sometimes talking things over with a therapist or psychologist can help you understand what's going on in your head and give you ways to deal with a breakup.

    It sounds like you're doing all the right things otherwise, so I don't have any other suggestions : /


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