How long does it take guys to overcome their breakup?

My ex called me today and said he's still depressed. He doesn't like being alone. (His mom lives with him though.)
He does things like hang out with friends, goes to work, works on his truck, etc. I suggested that he go to a therapist, but he doesn't want to.
I don't know what to do. He says he still cares about me and I do too. It's been about 4 weeks he's been depressed. I was only depressed for a week.
I know his mom had manic depression for awhile, but that's over with and I really hope he does not get that way.
I have depression too, plus anxiety and panic attacks, but I go to a psychiatrist and take meds for it and I've had these symptoms way before I met him. (It runs in my family.)
He's against taking meds. So that's why I suggested a therapist. He said he talks to his mom and sister about it. But they can only give him advice in what they know. They're not professionals.


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  • Somethimes you never get over your ex you just learn to not be with them and be greatfull for the time you guys had together unfortunately..


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  • I don't think this question can be answered fully. Depending on the impact of the relationship and how strong you are as a person can only determine the true estimation of this. Some people find it difficult coming to terms with a break up. While for some, it's almost instant because during the relationship they already gathered a small hatred for their partner.

  • Nothing is gonnna change unless he goes to therapist or you should juat break all connection with him for months.

    • I could do that, but I still have my mail coming to his house. Yeah I can get the mail when he's out. Maybe I could talk to one of his friends to suggest him to go to a therapist. But I don't want them to say it was me that suggested it.

    • i was in a relationship with a highschool love for 2 1/2 years and then she sent me a message saying she blocked my # and doesn't want to talk to me ever again and i feel it was harsh but personally it took me 2 weeks to recover (shortest recovery from longest relationship) and i feel it helped me deal with it a lot more when i couldnt talk to her so ever since this is my favorite breakup.. even though its harsh give it a try?

    • I guess I could. Maybe starting next month because our friends are getting married late April . Both our names will be on the card, so we'll be sitting together.

  • You have to break all contact with him, as harsh as it may sound, else it'll take forever.


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  • Well, everyone has very different ways of how they deal with things. Since your ex has issues depression or abandonment, of course it would take him a while to move through things. That and the fact that he genuinely cared for you. Not everyone gets over a breakup over night ESPECIALLY if they were the one who was dumped. And I'm sure you dumped him yes? Hence it being easier for you to get over it.

    • He dumped me.

    • Hmmm...ok. Well his actions maybe have a ton more to so with him not wanting to be alone then. But that's his fault eh?

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