When he says there is a lot that I haven't told you?

So recently, me and my ex had contact again, although we never stopped contact, but he had a birthday party and so I came. Instantly connection, and we had sex that night, And since then, he have opened much more to me then before when we were together, like I was feeling something or someone was holding him back, but not anymore for some odd reason, and also he has been really affectionate that night and also we met one more time after that weekend. And we have been talk everyday as well, and all the sudden of the conversation he says there is a lot of things I haven't told you yet, and I'm like?
Like what does that mean?


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  • He may have had a sudden life changing episode. Got something off his chest or something along those lines and now feels much better and able to open up more. It does happen. People go most of their lives holding stuff back and never knowing who they really are.

    • Possibly, I really hope so! Because I do really love him, but he has issues of opening up with what makes of him the person he is today, his past etc, and until then I was just feeling we could never get anywhere. So hopefully this will continue in the right direction, because this is a good step in the right direction. I just hope it's not anything really bad or something.

    • We'll I'd reassure him that anything he needs to tell you he can and you'll try your best to understand. He needs to feel you are not going to judge him in any way. After which you can then decide if what he's told you is something you can deal with or not.

  • skeletons in his closet...


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